About Behavior Buzz

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Behavior Buzz!

We are Sarah Conklin, Tessa Marlia, and Sarah Kagawa, and we are here to share with you a research based approach to posting information that matters. Behavior Buzz integrates evidence based research principles and procedural practices that can be easily applied to everyday life. Parents, teachers, other behavior analysts, and anyone who wants the buzz about behavior in everyday life is welcome to read, give feedback, and inquire about anything and everything involving behavior.

How does it work, you may ask?

Well, each of us has obtained a masters of science in counseling and are board certified behavior analysts working in the field of autism, and practice behavior analysis in our everyday lives. We all share a love and passion for all things involving behavior and want to bring that passion to you, the reader and inquirer. We often get questions, concerns, and inquiries about children’s behavior, as well as other questions, allowing us to research those areas and expand our level of competence. Questions about parenting, good business practices, social skills, and how to manage ones own personal behaviors and habits are among the few that keep our research interests alive and ever expanding. What we have decided to do is give back by staying current with the latest research across many content areas, that show proven results, so we can offer to you insight into how this research can be applied in real life settings and situations. Each week one of us will pick a topic to research. We will read published, evidence based articles, give a brief synopsis of the research, and provide a real life generalized application of the research findings in simple terminology for everyone to understand. We will then post this to Behavior Buzz, provide the citation and source of our research findings for complete transparency of the literature in review.

Why Behavior Buzz you may ask?

Many folks have different questions and concerns about what approach is the best approach to all sorts of everyday life experiences. As behavior analysts we are constantly doing our own research and review to seek out the best practice approaches within our  field. It is important that we are current with changes taking place in our industry and are using procedures that have sound evidence to support them. This is time consuming and scrutiny leaves much to be desired. We want to offer an easy approach to everyday research where anyone can access evidence based practices without having to be a research expert. Over time, we will offer insights into how to approach research and look for solutions that hold merit.
Can I help out in any way you may ask yourself?

All questions and inquiries drive our research to offer exciting topics leading to our posts on Behavior Buzz.  All questions are welcome and all can benefit from one another.

Enjoy and remember that this is the place to get the buzz, share the buzz, and be the buzz.

Until next time,

Sarah Conklin, MS, BCBA


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