Turn Noncompliance into Compliance

dennis_6Anyone that’s been around a toddler knows that they don’t always follow directions. This noncompliant behavior can take many forms: simply staying where they are, running away, whining, or even having a tantrum. Noncompliance isn’t just limited to toddlers either; adolescents and adults can also exhibit noncompliant behaviors. Continue reading “Turn Noncompliance into Compliance”

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Think Time In, Not Time Out.

time-outMany of us can reflect back to our childhood and remember a time when we did that thing which resulted in us hearing, “timeout”. As adults, many of us use this common punishment strategy when we see a child act out inappropriately. The question is, are we using it effectively? Continue reading “Think Time In, Not Time Out.”

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Picky Eaters

For many parents, finding the right foods their children will eat comes with a set of challenges. These challenges can most often be attributed to behaviors that we call picky eating behaviors, leading to picky eaters. Picky eaters only eat certain foods, while refusing to eat any new foods that parents want to introduce as part of maintaining a balanced diet. Many parents become faced with challenging behaviors such as intensive crying, and spitting food out, which makes it difficult to incorporate a variety of food at mealtime. Continue reading “Picky Eaters”

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Self Management

As behavior analysts we must develop all kinds of programs that will target specific behavior goals. Part of the planning process is to develop a program that will incorporate strategies to ensure the new behaviors targeted for change will not only occur in one place, but in many places, with many people, and with many things. The technical term for this is generalization. Therefore, when creating goals not only with clients, but even in our personal lives, we want behavior to generalize with other people, in several places, with different things. Continue reading “Self Management”