Ethics for Behavior Buzz


The purpose of Behavior Buzz is to share evidenced based research approaches, while following the ethical guidelines that guide our industry. As behavior analysts we have a responsibility to “support the values of the field, to disseminate knowledge to the public, and to be familiar with the guidelines, as stated in guideline 7.0” (Bailey and Burch 2011).

In upholding these guidelines to the best of our ability, we are posting several guidelines below that we will follow to ensure that we are providing a safe and ethical platform where we can share the principles and procedures of applied behavior analysis through evidence based research reviews, and give insights to inquiries made by you.

At the same time, please be aware that these insights will be objective and will not relate specifically to you in any way. For example, if your question or concern is about how to use a specific procedure, we will do the research, give the review, and provide an objective example about how it could be applied. If you inquire to us personally, we will not post any names as confidentiality is of up most importance, unless otherwise permitted.

We are not able to conduct direct observations or provide assessments in the natural environment of your inquiry, that would lead to a direct treatment and we are not in a service contract. Therefore, we are only able to provide objective examples and insights from the research inspired by your inquiry on our blog.

The complete Ethical Guidelines For Responsible Conduct can be found at:

As behavior analysts we will follow all of the guidelines, but specifically for our blog we will follow:

Guideline 2.10

Guideline 7.0, 7.02, 7.03

Guideline 9.0, 9.01, 9.02, 9.03 9.04 9.05, 9.06

Sarah Conklin, MS, BCBA


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